Who am I??? ⚡

Artificial Intelligence Ethusiast

My name is Mahsa Amani. I was always mesmerized by the transformative power of technology. My passion for artificial intelligence began at an early age, as I was captivated by movies and cartoons that delved into the concept of machines learning, thinking, and developing their own consciousness. This insatiable curiosity guided me through my high school years at NODET School and eventually led me to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at Sharif University of Technology in Iran. Throughout my academic journey and beyond, I have dedicated countless hours to working on diverse projects in the field of AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and, last but not least, Natural Language Processing (NLP).

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Python 100%
C/C++ 100%
JAVA 100%
SQL 100%
LATEX 100%
R 70%
Pytorch 100%
Tensorflow 100%
Keras 100%
Scikit-learn 100%
Numpy 100%
Pandas 100%
Version Control (GIT)100%
JavaScript 50%


Large Language Models (LLMs)

Multi-Modal Models

Machine Translation

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Deep Learning

Machine Learning


English (IELTS bandscore: 7.5)




My Resume 💼


Ph.D. in Computer Science


Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (MPI-SWS), Saarbrücken, Germany

  • Prof. Krishna P. Gummadi
  • Project Summary: I am currently working on Large Language Models, their biases, and hallucinations.

Bachelor of Computer Engineering


Sharif University of Technology (SUT), Tehran, Iran

GPA: 18.03/20

Bachelor's thesis: Brain Tumor Segmentation Using Deep Neural Networks

  • Supervisor: Prof. Shohreh Kasaei
  • Summary: In this project, I employed a transformer-based network to segment 3D images of brain tumors using the BraTS dataset and evaluate its performance using the Dice score.

Diploma in Mathematics and Physics

SEPTEMBER 2011 — June 2018

Farzanegan High School (National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents (NODET)), Tabriz, Iran

GPA: 19.97/20

Academic Honors

Gifted Student Award, Entrance exam waiver for graduate program, Sharif University of Technology


Membership In Iran’s National Elites Foundation


Rank 51st In Mathematics and Physics B.Sc. entrance exam among more than 144,000 participants


Accepted In the First Exam of Mathematics Olympiad


Relevant Courses

Natural Language Processing

Grade: 20/20

Artificial Intelligence

Grade: 20/20

Advanced Information Retrieval

Grade: 19.3/20

Signals and Systems

Grade: 20/20

Probability and Statistics

Grade: 20/20

Data Structure and Algorithm

Grade: 18.4/20

Work Experience

Junior Data Scientist

OCTOBER 2022 - APRIL 2023

Zarebin, Tehran, Iran

Developing a Shopping Information Retrieval System using Deep Learning Methods

Teaching Assistant (TA)

SEPTEMBER 2020 — JULY 2023

Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

The courses are as followed:

Junior Data Analyst

JUNE 2022 - AUGUST 2022

Vivetennis, Tehran, Iran

Developing and Analysing Robot Monitoring System

Undergraduate Student Internship

JULY 2021 - SEPTEMBER 2021

AIMedic, Tehran, Iran

Eye Disease Diagnosis using Artificial Intelligence

Research Experience

Multigenerator, Multidomain, and Multilingual Black‐Box Machine‐Generated Text Detection



Development of automatic systems to identify machine‐generated text with the goal of mitigating its potential misuse

Pipelines for low‑resource Iranian Languages

SEPTEMBER 2022 - Now

Research Assistant

Developing pipelines for low‑resource languages such as Azerbaijani, Luri, Yazdi, and Kurdi

A Large Language Model for Persian


Research Assistant

Development of a multilingual large language model fine‑tuned for Persian

Explainable Detection of Online Sexism


SemEval 2023

Development of English‑language models for sexism detection with fine‑grained classifications for sexist content from Gab and Reddit


Some of my git repos 🔥

Iranian Azerbaijani NLP

The Language Model, Resources, and Computational Pipelines for the Under-Resourced Iranian Azerbaijani

ViT3D BrainTumorSegmentation

Segmentation of Brain Tumors using a 3D Vision Transformer Named Swinunetr

Persian QA Extractor

Extracting Questions and Respective Answers from a Text Using Regular Expressions

Bioinformatics Micro Array Analysis

Acute Myeloid Leukemia Microarray Analysis

Persian NER

Fine Tuning Bert Model for Name Entity Recognition

Persian Spell Corrector

Fine Tuning Bert Model for Language Spell Correction

NLP Pipeline for Turkish

NLP Preprocessing Pipeline for Turkish including: Tokenizer, Normalizer, Stemmer, and POS Tagger

Brain Tumor Segmentation

Segmentation of Brain Tumors using Different CNN Models and GANs

MIR Projects

Modern Information Retrieval including: Preprocessing, Indexing, Compressing, Query Correction, Language Model, Edit Probability Model, Classification, Clustering, Crawling

AI Projects

Artificial Intelligence State-of-the-art Algorithms


A Logistic Project for Providing Healthcare and Nursing Using Django

Eye Disease Recognition

A Project including 5 Deep Learning Models for The Multiple Classification of Eye Diseases


some of my certificates 🎫


My Papers 📄

The Language Model, Resources, and Computational Pipelines for the Under‑Resourced Iranian Azerbaijani

M. Amani, M. Nouri, R. Zohrabi, E. Asgari, In Proceedings of AACL 2023 (Asia‑Pacific ACL), Published

Linguistic Resources and Transformer‑based Models for the Machine Translations between Luri and Yazdi Dialects versus Standard Persian

M. Amani, M. Nouri, Z. Bahmani, M. Mirbeygi, N. Hashemi, E. Asgari, M. Soleymani Baghshah, H. Beigy, A. Movaghar, Journal of the Linguistics Society of Iran, Under Revision


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Saarbrücken, Germany

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